Glasss Bottles 

Twist Closures

We can manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of twist off closures for hot fill applications, ranging in size from 38mm to 100mm. You have a choice of button ('pop-top') caps for vacuum filling as well as standard closures.

Please contact us for details on printing twist caps - we are able to customise a design for you at very competitive pricing in up to 4 colours.
Plastic Caps

Whether you're looking for a lid for honey, oils or a cold fill job, we have something to suit. In addition to a wide range of sizes and colours, we also can supply child resistant caps, and plugs to suit our range of bottles. If you are after something special or a particular colour, we can source it for you.

Our caps are also available in Chrome or Gold Plated.

We can undertake full design, making Moulds and Dies, Moulding and then chrome or gold plating and delivering your caps.
ROPP Closures

Innovace can also supply you aluminium closure producers. These are competitively priced and come in a variety of sizes for wine, fortified wines and spirits. Whether you are looking for a plain or printed closure, we can supply you a closure to suit your needs and specifications





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