innovACE AUSTRALIA Pty. Ltd.
is a customer focused company supplying Sheet Metal Components and products upto the size of 2000 mm x 1000mm. After long developments, continuous improvements, streamlined and cellular manufacturing systems, innovace is guided by an inspiration to be a reliable supplier to major OEMs worldwide.

Sheet metal components are manufactured in the totally integrated state of the art facilities of a Tool Room, Press shop, fabrication, welding, Painting and Powder Coating and other surface treatments.


The hub and the heart of all activity, the Tool Room is treated asa strategic business unit.
The tool roomis equipped with all state of the art equipment to design & manufacture Press Tools, Welding Fixtures, Relation Guages, Checking Masters etc.

Software are deployed for surface modeling & tool path generation. CAD/CAM techniques are used for draw/forming tools.

We have expertise available which have successfully developed a rare ability to manufacture Prototype Tools & Products against aggressive time lines as per customers satisfaction.




The fabrication shop is well equipped with CO2 welding Lines, Stationery and portable Spot welders, Mig and arc welding, nugget testing equipment, Tubular chasis fabrication, Rotary welding etc.

The Press shop has heavy duty , large bed power presses with capacity of 50 to 500 tons. Every press shop has excellent die loading and unloading storage and retrieval facilities along with Die maintainence setup.


Aesthetics has become an integral tool for the product to help sell itself.

A multi tank pre-treatment procedure do necessary makeup of the carefully created assemblies and components. The facility is also equipped with a laboratory with all necessary equipments such as salt spray chamber, humidity chamber, hardness tester, cross cut tester, paint viscosity measuring cup & DFT meter, etc.

Effluent treatment plant treats the process water which is recycled to provide greener environment.


The manufacturing plant has a well equipped Powder Coating plant. Its equipped with an infra red oven for predrying. Baking etc. The line is automatic and PLC controlled.


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